What To Look For When Hiring a Window Cleaning Company


Have you hired a window cleaning company before only to realize that they were a total waste of your money? If yes, it is probably because you just went through the process of hiring blindly. To get true value for your money, there are factors that you must consider before hiring a window cleaning professional. Otherwise, you will end up disappointed as the last time.

Are you Insured?
The first question you need to ask is whether the window cleaning company. It is mandatory that window cleaners in Brisbane be insured. And, it is your job to ensure so before you can contract their services. Remember, window cleaning can sometimes be dangerous. Particularly, if the windows are of a tall building. If an accident was to occur and you the window cleaners are not insured, you will be slapped be a lawsuit. To avoid all these, always ask for proof of insurance before you can hire.

On this part, also, ask if the cleaners are bonded. Sometimes, workers might be untrustworthy and might steal things from your premises. Should this happen, the company will reimburse you, but only if you were keen to ensure that it was bonded? 

Do you have Any Experience?
Window cleaning is a delicate service, being that it involves handling delicate material and also poses danger for the cleaner. Therefore, to be sure that damage will not be done on your windows, you need to ensure that the cleaning company has handled other clients before. Also, you have to ask whether the individual cleaners have worked on similar projects before. This will assure that the cleaners have the right skills and knowledge to deal with the complexities of your windows.

What Safety Measures do you have in Place?
Cleaning of windows involves risking one’s safety. It is important to ask what safety measures a company has put in place to ensure that their cleaners are at a lower risk. Additionally, they should be able to prove their compliance with OSHA safety standards. This shows that they are trained on safety techniques to observe in the process of window cleaning. 


Do you have the Right Equipment for the Job?
Asking this question will ensure that your windows are treated as they should. Some windows only require simple cleaning equipment while for others, complex equipment has to be used. And, in some cases, hand work may be required instead of machines. All these should be checked before hiring a window cleaning professional. If they don’t have the right tools or they seem to be poorly maintained, then you cannot expect any better from them. 


What is your Price?
It is very important to check the price of the window cleaning service so that you don’t go over budget However, it is important to note that a good price does not necessarily mean the cheapest. You might get cheap, but the service value will be poor. Always judge the price depending on the value derived from the service.