3 Steps to Take When a Pipe Bursts in the Middle of the Night

Sometimes a disaster will strike, you many be prepared for it, but maybe not so much. Sometimes there are natural disasters, sometimes there are home disasters. You can be prepared for them. There are a number of different home disasters that can happen, most have something to do with water too. Pipes can burst when you least expect them to. Are there things you can do to prevent this? Indeed there are. 

Some of these tips are simple. Fix any leaky water taps such as your kitchen or in your bathroom. You can switch to water-saving toilets and water saving showers. You can make sure the seals where joints connect are properly sealed and there is not leaking around the threads of the connections. If it gets cold outside a water hose spout can freeze, and this can cause the pipe leading to it to burst. So to prevent that you can shut off the water to that pipe with a closing valve if you do not expect to use it during the cold months. What if none of these work? What if your pipe still bursts? There are necessary steps you will need to take in case your pipe does burst.

The first step you will need to take is to identify where the water source is coming from. If you can identify where the water is leaking from it will make the plumber’s job that much easier. You can usually hear where there is water spraying or drip from. If you can not, follow the wet path down the pipe until you find the source.

Once you have identified the source of where the water is leaking it is necessary to move any of your belongings from around the area where the water may be puddling up. 

The second step to take is to keep the leak from getting worse or to keep it from spreading. The best way to keep it from getting worse to contain it put buckets underneath where it is leaking. This will prevent water damage to much of your stuff near it that you could not move before and to any cabinetry or furniture near the leak. When you think you have finally contained the leak from where the pipe burst, it is time to take further action. You need to call a professional immediately. You need to either think of any plumbers you know or google something along the line of… Emergency plumbers near me Very quickly look at their reviews and call them pronto. 

The third step is to give your plumber clear and quick access to the leak, make sure there is not a bad slip hazard around the burst and make sure all doors leading to the burst are open for quick entry and action. The quicker the plumber can get the burst in your pipe, the quicker your nightmare can become over with. 

These tips and prevention ideas are crucial to minimal water damage in your home and will allow for quick response.