5 Great Toy Ideas For Children This Christmas

5 Great Toy Ideas For Children This Christmas

With Christmas rapidly approaching, it is time to think of some great toys to buy for the children in your life. Whether you’re buying for your sons and daughters or for nieces and nephews, there are plenty of great toy options for the 2016 Christmas season. These five are among the most popular and exciting. 

Boogie Board
No, this isn’t a board you ride on the water, but an electronic play toy that your children can take with them wherever they want to go. This great board lets children draw, right, and do a variety of other creative arts while on the go. 

It can also be used as a fun way to take notes in school. This toy is a great choice for any child who wants to be an artist or a writer and who loves showing off their latest masterpiece to friends and family members.

Nintendo Amiibo
Fans of Nintendo will love Amiibo figurines. These high-quality plastic items can be swapped on a storage pad at any time to add different characters to games. They also store gaming data so that your children can have their own little personal memory card. 

Hardy, cool-looking, and collectible: what kid wouldn’t fall in love with these items immediately? Be prepared to purchase a lot of these cool characters if your children fall decide they want one.

Zoomer Dino
Electronic fad items come and go, but Zoomer Dino is one that seems like it’ll have a long shelf life. This dinosaur-on-wheel has electronic sensors that gauge your location and react to your movements and behaviors. 

If you’re nice to Zoomer and pet him, he will listen to what you have to say. If you hit him or make him upset, he will get angry and do his own thing. Zoomer is great for fans of “Jurassic World.”

Rory’s Story Cubes
Another great game for creative children, Rory’s Story Cubes includes a myriad of cubes with words, phrases, and other great story-building items that let children create their own intricate and fun pics. 

They can be used to create giant word walls, little houses filled with stories, or to create fun games with their friends. The options with this cube are truly endless.

Incredible Wooden Toys
All of the above items are a great choice for children this Christmas, but there are also a variety of classic wooden toys that any child will love. 

For example, boomerangs, game boards, building blocks, cars, labyrinth mazes, gumball machines, teeter totters, dinosaurs, small wooden dolls, animal replicas, farm toys, and just about anything else you can imagine are available in wood.

While it’s true that some children will want the latest and greatest electronic toys, a majority of them will actually be happy with beautiful wooden toys. Children are more than capable of making fun of anything, which is a huge part of why wooden toys are still so popular. 

If you are interested in wood toys, many of them can be built on your own or purchased from a wooden toy seller They will have multiple high-quality wooden toys that your children will love.