5 Best Virtual Reality Apps of 2016


Virtual Reality Technology

In this generation, everything has gone digital, and everything is advancing in technology. Virtual reality is one of the advancements in technology that can be described as a mimic of the physical presence of the real world that uses the computer. Virtual reality can be created using several methods, and which are affordable including Google Cardboard, Samsung’s gear VR, as well as Zeiss’s VR one. The devices use the android iPhone to display the virtual videos.
Some ways creating content for virtual reality can be made including taking a 360-degree immersion video as well as making a 3D animation. The two methods are explained below.
1. Taking a 360-degree immersion:it is considered to be the most affordable way of creating a virtual reality content. The method is most useful when one wants to capture a video footage from the real world event. When filming it is advised that one should maintain the video camera in a still position. The 360-degree methods give the person using a space to edit the video if they captured images they did not like.
2. 3D Animation: this method provides the viewer with an opportunity to let the viewers look freely at the space they are placed. The method has an added advantage of letting the viewer lean forward to have a clear look at what they want to capture just as in the real world. The 3D are mostly used for games development.
The virtual reality can be used in different industries using app development. Some of these industries include real estate, travel, education as well as the automotive industry. Below is a clear explanation of how the four industries benefit and use the virtual reality App.
• Education sector: Research shows that students understand what they see and experience much better than what they read To make what they learn a fact, schools organize field trips, but with the advancement of technology, virtual reality can bring the field closer in the classrooms.
• Real estate: some real estate development companies have advanced their technology and are using the virtual reality to show real estate properties to their clients. The technique has helped the real estate companies’ sale their properties much easier and faster since their customers get to see the features from the comfort of their homes as well as the way they would have visited the grounds.
• Travel industry: the virtual reality app helps tourists get a clear view of bigger cities in the world. The app can help a tourist chose the best place they would wish to visit in the world helping them plan in advance. The viewing can easily be achieved by the smartphones or VR headset. Kotton Grammer Testimonial is a great place
• Automotive sector: the automotive industry has also not been left behind. Virtual reality in the sector has helped customers check the latest car models, and they can tailor them before seeing the vehicles in reality. This helps the buyer make their decisions on which car to buy faster.
To get a clear view of what one would want to capture it is important to first prepare the camera. The virtual Reality technology is developing rapidly and it is considered to be of great benefit to users in the future.