Why You Shouldn’t Speak To Law Enforcement Without A Lawyer Present

Most of us think that we will never confront the police or law enforcement because we did not commit a crime. For others, confronting a police offers is not a big deal because they think that they can easily talk their way out of the investigation. Irrespective of the fact, if your are guilty or innocent, never speak to a law enforcement officer without a lawyer present. Here are some of the most important reasons why talking to the police will not help.

First, it is important to understand that law enforcement agencies and police officers will detain you only when they suspect that you have committed a crime. Those who understand the criminal justice system agree that the top priority of law enforcement agents is to make you tell them that you are involved in a crime. Even if the police has a firm evidence against the culprit, it is easier to press charges if the person confesses to the crime. In contrast, even if you are not guilty, law enforcement authorities will not let you go because they already suspect that you committed a crime. Therefore, it is a good idea to involve a criminal defense lawyer

Even if you are guilty, it doesn’t make sense to confess just to get it off your chest. In the United States, nearly 90 percent of defendants admit their guilt at some point in the case proceeding. However, it is better to talk to criminal solicitors before pleading guilty because the lawyers will do everything they can to get something in exchange for accepting the guilt.


It is also interesting to note that majority of innocent individuals often make a mistake during their trial by telling the jury something that they should not tell. Sometimes, the individual will tell a plain lie just to deny an insignificant fact. Going overboard can destroy the credibility before the court, which leads to more complications that you didn’t foresee. As such, it is practical to let your lawyer do the talking.

Even if you did not hire a lawyer because you are innocent and you do a good job of restraining yourself from exaggerating things, prosecutors can easily use your words to make a stronger case against you. While you may be innocent, it is possible to make statements indicating that you did not commit the crime, but you didn’t like the victim, either. In the heat of the trial, it is normal for innocent individuals to reveal details that can be used against them.

Suppose that you can successfully maneuver yourself in the court proceeding avoiding hurdles mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, representation without a lawyer has other major problems. One of the most common problems is your testimony give to the police officer. Because police officers are working on multiple cases, it is likely that the officer may not be able to recall the statement with 100 percent accuracy. As indicated, minor deviation from the original statement will likely put you in trouble while losing your credibility before the judge.